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I came home at 12:40 last night from a double date which I hadn't previously known was a double date until I showed up and it turned out to very much be a double date, drunk a bottle of wine and vomited in bed, through all of my sheets and on my wall; actually. I vomited directly on this paper quote I had blue-tacked up, something about having to risk your heart to fully appreciate life. I think the vomit was trying to tell me something. I don't think I have any interest on giving up my neatly drawn-up emotional sanctions unless it involves a stage and a microphone and a crowd of people who have to listen to me break down underneath a song.
I had a good morning. The first thing I said when I woke up was "Er, Gross" and I said it louder than I meant to, but when I walked out to the kitchen (also known as, the entire house) for cleaning supplies I found Demi sitting in her Chinese Princess Komono, drinking coffee and watching the newest episode of Glee on the laptop at our kitchen table. Things have been good since then. I gave Dem a lift to work and the Rudimental Collaboration version of Ed's "Bloodstream" came on the radio, and since it was our first time hearing that version, naturally we both cried. I felt so happy. Its raining and dreary because there is a cyclone approaching the coast, and everywhere might be about to flood and/or break in half. But at least its all a cute adventure. 

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