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so he decides he's going to wait until 11:59pm to say happy birthday to me, as a joke, but being unaware of this I only hang out till 11:31 before I facebook-message confront the sonnovabitch. Oh, the goddamn sonnovabitch. He has no clue how much I miss him. Earlier I was heating up microwaveable pies and trying to come to terms with the fact that he'd forgotten and that reality was a harsh, dry, pie-less happybirthdayless bastard. Forgetting for a rare moment that he is not the sum of my reality. Things are good, really. I'm usually pretty dependable at keeping a grip on that fact. Just not while I was mifrowaving those pies. And when we finally talked I laughed out loud in relief and then went and buried myself in demi's sheets without warning her first.

pies birthdays missing sheets

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joe May 28, 2015 12:05PM

Ah man what an idiot