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Do you have certain belongings or a scenery that exists only when you're asleep? Its like a landscape I keep coming back to - no matter how many times i fall asleep and wake up, my mind seems to generally visit the same place. Firstly there are scenes, stretches of road or estate that are exaggerated or warped versions of real places I've been. Like the winding road above my parents house, leading up to the green water tower that's been there as long as I can remember; in my dreams it's in the same place but it is much steeper, scarier, narrower, and more daunting. I'll be driving along and realise my car might not be able to take it. I could fall off into nothing, and sometimes I do.
My favourite recurring thing though are the dresses in my closet - I know it sounds weird. But there are certain dresses, gowns, that I can always find again when I fall asleep. I recognise them and I have for months now - there is a bluey green one that stops just above my ankle, always soft on my skin when I try it on. There is a deep purple, silk dress to my knees that hangs near it. I think there might be one with jewels on it, but I don't remember it clearly when I'm awake. I like dreaming about them and i wonder what they mean. Seems like in my life right now there are always pretty things i can pick up and hold in my mind, memories or situations that encourage contentness in me when I'm feeling crappy or dirty. Like the ornaments in your Grandmother's house when you were growing up, or like the beautiful dresses and materials in your sisters closet. Except these things are exclusively mine. 

dreams beautiful materials gratefulness

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